De Biasi: Albania, Attractive for Every Coach
Albanian Daily News
Published June 24, 2017
The former-coach of the Albanian National Team, Gianni De Biasi, expressed his certitude that the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) president, Armando Duka will make the right choice for his successor. The 61-years old coach that returned in Tirana to receive a token of gratitude by the Ministry of Educations and Sports laid the stress on the importance of the fact that the new coach should focus on team's continuous improvement.

"The AFF will make the right choice, as it did in my case. I think that it's the right time to say that president Duka will make a careful choice without being influenced by anyone. It's of crucial importance for the new coach to focus on team's improvement ahead of future challenges," said De Biasi.

The Italian coach labeled the Albanian National Team as the right opportunity for every coach's promotion.

"Albanian National Team now lures many coaches, something that did not exist only a few years ago. This is a national team that gives an opportunity to every coach to unfold his values through very good performances. The chances of qualification for the 'Euro 2020' finals that will take place in the entire continent are a good opportunity for every coach,' stressed De Biasi.


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