London Van Hits Pedestrians in Finsbury Park
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Published June 19, 2017
One person was killed, and several injured, when a van drove into pedestrians near Finsbury Park Mosque, north London, in the early hours of Monday morning. Follow live updates here.
Police say one man was pronounced dead at scene. Eight people have been taken to three hospitals.
The driver of the van, a 48-year-old man has been arrested, police say.
Many witnesses told CNN they saw three people exit the van, but police say they have not identified any other suspects.
Prime Minister Theresa May says van incident is being treated as "potential terrorist attack."
Witness Saeed Hashi told CNN he and a few others ran up to the van as it stopped.

They managed to drag the driver out, but the driver started fighting with them. He punched Hashi in the head.

"We stopped the guy and we put him on the floor and people managed to call police," Hashi said, showing CNN his bruises. "He (sic) bite me on the thumb as well."

Hashi was one of three people who held the suspect on the ground for 10 minutes. "He was really shouting and aggressive ... he was just spitting on us," Hashi said.

They managed to keep an angry crowd away from the driver.

"The atmosphere was full of anger ... we're here for worshiping not for anything else," he said.

When CNN's Max Foster called him a hero, Hashi responded humbly.

"I did what I could," he said "I was in a state of shock."
Abdikari Warfa heard the sound of the van and then went outside with his brother to see what was going on, he told CNN.

"We saw a driver who was trying to escape and he's using force," Warfa said. People were able to force him to the ground and keep him there until police came, he said.

There were around eight people injured on the ground after the crash, according to Warfa, including one older man trapped under the van.

Warfa said his friends helped lift the van to get him out while he helped keep the suspect detained.

"My friends, they lift the van. I was busy with the man who was trying to escape,"

He has no doubt that the driver deliberately hit people.
(Source: CNN)

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