It's Official, Gianni De Biassi Leaves Albanian National Team
Albanian Daily News
Published June 14, 2017
Since today Gianni De Biasi will no longer sit in the bench of the Albanian National Team in quality of coach. His nearly 6-years adventure with the Albanian team comes to an end. The official announcement was made by the coach himself during a joint press conference with the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) president, Armando Duka. De Biasi stressed that this had been a very difficult decision for him.
"From now on I am no longer the Albania's team coach. I leave today the position of Albania's coach without having another team where I may continue to work. I chose to leave in order to give some time to the new coach to get acquainted with the team during the remaining matches," said De Biasi.
Despite the premature departure from this position the strong bond that was created between De Biasi and Albania can never be broken.
"I want to say thank you to all those that collaborated in the growth and development of Albania's project which led us to the 22nd place in FIFA rankings. Even in football, as everywhere else, there a cycle. But nothing will ever be able to break the strong bond that I created with all the people I had the chance to meet during these 5 and half years. Theseed was planted and is now growing up," said De Biasi.
De Biasi thanked also his former-deputy Paolo Tramezani that helped him to qualify Albania in the Euro 2016 finals.

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