De Biasi Warns Departure from Albania's Bench
Albanian Daily News
Published June 13, 2017
The Albanian National Team coach, Gianni De Biasi confirmed during a press conference on Tuesday that the end of the qualifying rounds for the World Cup 2018 will coincide with his departure.
The Italian coach's declaration finalized a difficult period where his relations with the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) were not the same as before.
"A defeat with Israel would have ended my history with Albania. I will leave at the end of these qualifying rounds. Every story has an end. Albanian National Team remains a team that needs just minor corrections," declared the coach.
The coach expressed his disappointment for the treatment reserved to him by the media during the recent matches, but stressed that in the end he would give the maximum in the interest of the team.
The only thing I regret is that many of you were ready to make my funeral after Israel. I am sorry to have ruined your plans with our victory. I think the coach should be assessed for many things, not just 5 consecutive defeats, of which one during a friendly match with Luxembourg. I will give my best as long as I will be here, showing a total commitment to my work and the players," declared De Biasi.

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