Sadiku Dedicates His Goals to the Albanians
Albanian Daily News
Published June 12, 2017
The entire Albanian National Team performance during the match against Israel was excellent but Armando Sadiku was without any shadow of doubt the best in the field. He managed to score twice during the first half of the match.
Thanks to these goals he is now quickly approaching the ranks of Albanian National Team top-scorers.
"I tried to do the best for my self in these moments. Luckilly I managed to score twice conveying tranquility to the team and everything went well. I dedicate my goals to every Albanian citizen," said the Elbasan born striker.
Speaking about the psychological preparation ahead of this match he said that all players were committed to give their best in order to win this match.
"This was a very important match, thus we prepared with maximal seriousness. We gathered and talked about everything with the coach. We were hardly waiting for the referee's whistle blow ready to do what we did in the field. This was our payback to Israel for the defeat in Elbasan. We are more than satisfied by this success," declared Sadiku.

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