SMI: PM Rama, Responsible for Administration's Corruption
Albanian Daily News
Published June 12, 2017
Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) accused the Prime Minister, Edi Rama as the direct responsible for administration's corruption. The SMI General Secretary, Luan Rama declared on Monday that SMI has never been an obstacle for the reforms.
"The system corruption is directly related to the fact that PM Rama was on top of everything. The Renaissance' chair was focused on pseudo-reforms aimed to promote his image. A sum of EUR 840 has been spent for his speeches live broadcast on TV," declared Luan Rama.
Referring to the SMI role in the ruling coalition he stated that this political force had never become an obstacle for the reforms process.
"The SP-SMI agreement signed 4-years ago on April 4 was not based on small interests but on solid principles. SMI has shown maximal commitment toward stabilized governance with a positive influence on citizens' living conditions. SMI has always acted in the interest of the citizens, never obstructing any reform undertaken by the government" said Luan Rama.
On the other side he accused PM Rama of intentionally disregarding the spreading corruption phenomenon in these institutions directed by SP representatives.
"PM Rama continues to lie to the citizens by accusing SMI representatives of being corrupted while disregarding the corruption in the mortgages, state police and other sectors currently directed by SP representatives', stated the SMI General Secretary.

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