Administration's Corruption, Rama Blames Small Parties
Albanian Daily News
Published June 12, 2017
Prime Minister, Edi Rama blamed the small parties for the corruption in the public administration. During his weekly communication with the citizens he urged them to end this phenomenon on June 25.

"Many citizens are forced to give a bribe in exchange for a driving license or their vehicle's technical inspection. If you are willing to give a much higher bribe in the future than vote for those parties that steal from you through every public office," said PM Rama.

The Premier invited the citizens to support through their vote for Socialist Party the establishment of a public administration that would serve to their interests.

"Use the strength given to you by the vote to enable us to open the final chapter of radical change of the public administration," declared the chief of executive.

He also expressed the determination to put an end to the small parties' blackmail by refusing to take over the role of Prime Minister if this way of doing goes on.

"I have no motive of sitting in the Premier's chair if the administration is still kept in hostage by the small parties," declared the Prime Minister.

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