Parliament, Most Active and Silent MPs
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Published June 12, 2017
The Institute for Political Studies (IPS) in Albania published on Monday the output of a survey on the most 'active' and 'silent' MPs during 2017. These results evidenced the fact that 5 among the most 'active' MPs have not been included in the candidates for MPs lists. On the other side some 27 MPs, the so-called 'Silent', are part of these lists. This is a clear illustration of the fact that in Albania loyalty and richness are more qualitative indicators than quality and efficiency.
According to the IPS survey Ben Blushi has been the most active MPs during parliamentary sessions of 2017. A harsh critic of the government and founder of a new political force Blushi discussed in 15 from a total of 17 sessions. Even the 2nd most active MP, Mimoza Hafizi, belongs to this new political force.
The MP, Taulant Balla leads the list of Socialist group with the major number of discussions, mostly political speeches addressed to the opposition or comebacks with Blushi and other MPs.
He is followed by the Socialist MP, Ervin Bushati, whose discussions were mostly related to his function in a parliamentary committee.
The Prime Minister, Edi Rama has the same number of discussions with the Socialist MP, Erion Brace. The fact that the Premier has a low number of discussions is related to the opposition's absence in parliament, thus the absence of interest for political comebacks. All the discussions of PM Rama are related to political declarations and comebacks with Blushi and Hafizi.
The list of 'Silent' MPs during the parliamentary session of 2017 includes a record number of MPs compared to the previous parliamentary sessions of 2015 and 2016. Some 48 MPs did not involved in parliamentary debate or discussions focused on specific problematic, undertook no legal initiatives and made no political declarations.

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