Gramoz Ruci Speaks About Coalitions
Albanian Daily News
Published June 12, 2017
Head of Socialist Parliamentary Group Gramoz Rui declared the Socialist Party will not govern in coalition either with the Democratic Party or the Socialist Movement for Integration should it win the June 25 elections.
I am convinced and I guarantee you there will be no coalition either with DP or SMI after June 25. Lets all vote for the SP to have only Edi Rama, the projector of the biggest reforms in the country, as the head of our government, to govern as we know how and build the state, Rui said in Fier, where he is running for the elections.
Speaking about the Rama-Basha agreement of May 18, Rui said it was for the good of the country. The agreement with the Democratic Party was for the good of the country. No one wishes to break the stability we have reached; no one would like to put the elections result into discussion. For the first time ever there is no fear or anxiety in the elections. After counting the votes, the loser must accept the defeat and the winner must manage the victory.

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