Peleshi: Rama-Basha Agreement, New Page in History
Albanian Daily News
Published May 19, 2017

A new page in the long Albanian transition period, this was the definition used by the Deputy-Prime Minister, Niko Peleshi, one of the names that was 'sacrificed' by Prime Minister, Edi Rama due to the agreement reached with the opposition's leader, Lulzim Basha. In his first reaction on Friday after the agreement details publication he said that the dividing line between parties' interests and country's long-term interests was drawn one day ago.

"This is new day for Albania. The extremely long Albanian transition page was turned yesterday a new page will be written since today in the country's history. This agreement defined the preliminary conditions and a model for the politics unification on major issues. Because our main issues are not ideological but logical and do not belong to the parties but to the country. Justice, integration, assets, legalizations, territory's development, decentralization, public administration education have suffered from the lack of political consensus and electoral approach.

We will finally have an uncontested electoral process that will be recognized since the first day of ballots counting. The electoral race will not be based on accusations but alternatives and the promise for long-term benefits in the interest of all citizens," said Peleshi.

He praised the role played by PM Rama in this process, adding that the chief of executive left his mark in the country's transformation history showing the maturity of a political leader.

"The political agreement was reached thanks to the PM Rama's courage and initiative, while the internationals commitment played also a key role in this process. My deepest gratitude goes also to every Socialist throughout the country that joined forces with us giving an humble contribute for the new Albania," stated Peleshi.

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