Albania-Israel, De Biasi: Victory, Our Main Target
Albanian Daily News
Published May 15, 2017

The coach of the Albanian national team, Gianni De Biasi, has clear goals for the next match against Israel. In a statement to the media, the national team's coach said that he wanted to get three points that the Israelites managed to take in Albania. On the other hand, the Italian technician has also talked about the situation of Albania in the group and the rivalry for the national goal between Strakosha and Berisha.

"We are not in a good position thus we must make a positive performance, since the match against, which is very difficult for us, on the logistical and the opponent's aspect. They are strong but we will aim to get back three points they took from us in Tirana. There is no runoff between the goalkeepers, because Berisha is suspended, while the future remains to be seen. 

Thomas Strakosha has been impressive in the first season. He has also taken Marchetti's place to a team like Lazio at the age of 22," said the Italian coach. 

The discussion of the new contract has turned into an actual topic between coach and Albanian Football Federation (AFF), but the coach passed the ball to the president Armando Duka when asked if he would be at the new stadium.

"If I'm not there, you'll have to invite me to see the match," said De Biasi. 

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