Government Falls, Snap Election to Follow
Albanian Daily News
Published May 11, 2017

Isa Mustafa's government in Kosovo was defeated
on Wednesday after MPs backed an opposition motion of no-confidence. Of 120 MPs
in parliament, 78 voted for the motion, with only 34 backing the current

Along with the opposition Vetëvendosje party, MPs from the
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, AAK, and NISMA, and some deputies from the
ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, also voted against the government.

Mustafa's government became the third in Kosovo in a row to
fall without completing its four-year term. Made up of the PDK and Mustafa's
own Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, it has undergone a torrid time as both
the EU and US pushed it to take tough decisions on key issues that have been
pushed under the carpet for years.

Thus Kosovo also enters a period of political crisis that
has swept the region, following the political turmoil in Macedonia and Albania.

The Kosovo opposition has been demanding elections for two
years, mainly because of the controversial agreements that the government
signed in Brussels in 2015 on border demarcation with Montenegro - that is
still to be voted on in parliament - and on establishing an autonomous
Association of Serb-majority Municipalities.

The ruling coalition has faced bitter opposition both outside
and within institutions over both of these issues. Opposition MPs have even
resorted to using teargas in parliament to disrupt matters. However, the
government has been under strong international pressure to get moving with the
border deal with Montenegro in particular. The EU says it cannot proceed with
visa liberalisation for Kosovo - an importance issue for the country - until
the border issue with Montenegro is laid to rest. Opposition parties insist the
deal threatens to rob Kosovo of valuable pasture and farmland.

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