Cikalleshi Unstoppable, Triplet in Akhisar's Victory
Albanian Daily News
Published May 9, 2017

Sokol Cikalleshi becomes more and more protagonist in the Turkish championship with Akhisar's flannel, the team which ranks he joined last January. 

The Albanian striker has realized a triplet in his team's match against Gaziantepspor, making an impressive appearance. The first goal at 43th minute was that of a "Zone-Hunter", because the attacker managed to prevent the defenders interference shaking the net. He deepened the score at 58th minute after shooting from the corner. 

Only three minutes later Cikalleshi completed his triplet finalized with a powerful shooting that left no chance of reaction to the goalkeeper a personal action from the side. 

The Albanian footballer was applauded by the fans while leaving the field at 76th minute of this match that ended with 6-0 score in favor of Akhisar. So far he has scored 6 goals during 12 matches with the Turkish team. This figure is the same with that of the goals scored by Cikalleshi while playing for Basaksehir during the last season. 


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