'30% of Youths Unemployed and Uneducated'
Albanian Daily News
Published May 9, 2017

A recent survey on work market development during 2016, recently conducted by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), indicated that nearly 30% of youths in age group 15 - 29 are neither employed nor at school. 

39.2% of the youths, part of this group, are unemployed. The rest are not part of the work market due to different reasons. Meanwhile 13.1% of them feel discouraged, 20% of these young boys and girls are occupied with family obligations or responsibilities, while the remaining 27.7% are unemployed for other reasons.

Comparing young people who are neither employed nor in school or vocational training in accordance with their gender and status in the labor market, it is noticed that men are more active in the market than women. According to the recent data, 50.6% of men are looking for a job and willing to work, while in the women's percentage is 28.4%.

According to INSTAT data, the working force in the age group 15-29 consists of 65.000 persons, of which, over 31.000 are only with elementary education, 259.000 with 8-9-year education, 237.2000 with secondary education and 124.000 with higher education.

The unemployment rate in this age group fell to 28.9% from 33.2% in 2015. The decline is due to the reduction of the workforce for this age group by about 40.000 people compared to 2015.

Figures show about 26,000 people that in the age group of 15-29 are discouraged to be integrated into the labor market.

The employment rate in this age group is 32%. The districts with the highest employment of youth in 2016 were Berat, Elbasan and Gjirokastra. Whereas the cities of Lezha, KukŽs offered the lowest level of job opportunities to young people in age group 15-30 years. 

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