Thomas Strakosha, a Model for Young Italians
Albanian Daily News
Published May 6, 2017

Thomas Strakosha participated in an event organized by Lazio with the academy's children that want to be part of this club and moreover dream that in the future they will defend exactly the quadruple, just like the Albanian goalkeeper. He has turned into an idol for little fans who have listened cautiously to his explanations of the desire to become a goalkeeper and how he chose this particular role.

"Being here with you reminds me when I was younger and trained to see the big ones. Being an idol to them makes me even more proud and pushes me forward. The question I liked most was what made me love the role of the goalkeeper. The answer is my dad. Being a goalkeeper means having the desire to fly and be ready to take on all the responsibilities without ever surrendering. These boys advise them to pursue their dreams without ever sacrificing sacrifices," said Strakosha. 

He answered also to a question about the derby against Rome that probably gave him the starter-player position in the next season thanks to the excellent performance.

"We were highly pleased by this victory absent since several years. My most difficult catch was the 2nd shoot of Dzeko," said the Albanian goalkeeper.


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