Consecutive Defeats, 'Bild' Criticizes Mavraj & Co.
Albanian Daily News
Published May 3, 2017

The shadows of going down to a minor category seems to be returning in Hamburg's sky on view of the fact that coach Markus Gisdol team has experienced 4 defeats in 5 matches, leading to a significant deterioration of the situation. 

This is the third time that this northern city's team risk going down to a minor category, thus the fans and media grudge is focused only to one sector, the rearward.  

'Bild' defined this sector players, among them the Albanian National Team defender, Mergim Mavraj, as 'cans'. The 30-years old player, born in Hanau of Germany, along with 4 other players, is being seen as failure during his first 5-months in this team.

"What's going on with Mavraj? Only 12% mistakenly given assists in his previous team of Coln FC but an average of 33% of lost balls with Hamburg. The team has obtained only 13 points during 12 matches with Mavraj in the field," writes 'Bild'.

This was the third consecutive defeat for Hamburg, thus according to the Mavraj, Gregorisch, Papadopoulos, Ostrzolek and Hunt are to be blamed for this negative result. 

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