Lila: My Career will end with Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published May 3, 2017

Andi Lila said farewell in the best possible way to PAS Giannina's team with a goal in the last week of the championship and is about to start a new career away from Greece. 

The player has not yet chosen where to play, but has repeated that he plans to keep playing abroad before returning to Albania to end his career with Tirana.

"In 2 years I had no chance to rest, neither during winter nor summer, so I think I will rest a little bit and then we'll see. I have not yet decided when to return in Albania, but I think I will play abroad for three more years, then when I will come back choosing of course Tirana," said Lila. 

In response to the question whether he would want to be transferred to Lugano in Switzerland to be put under the command of Paolo Tramezzan, Lila admitted that he would immediately go there.

"I have extraordinary relationships with Paolo. He was the person with whom we communicated all the time. We are still in touch, congratulating each other after each victory. I am pleased by the fact that he is doing an extraordinary job with Lugano, moving towards European cups. He is young but at the same time a great coach. I would gladly accept his request to join this team," said Lila.  

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