Scent, Fragrance, Elegance of Herbs and Food at Neranxi Co. Annual Culinary Fair
By Genc Mlloja
Albanian Daily News
Published April 30, 2017

TIRANA - The Annual Culinary Fair is a tradition since 10 years and it is like a parade of novelties and tastes amidst beauties, the President of Neranxi Company, Mr. Nikollaq Neranxi said in the presence of hundreds of participants among whom 'loyal' customers, representatives of diplomatic corps, friends, employees and students of the Neranxi Culinary Institute on the launching of the Fair at its premises in Tirana on April 29, 2017.

"It is a utilitarian art as it has to do with our daily food," said Mr. Neranxi who was proud to unveil that his family had a dream: to establish a private business even before the 90s but they had never imagined that their activity be expanded so much being ranked among 200 largest businesses in Albania. Their motto was not to join the activities with any other businesses, rather they are a family company of four generations working with the greatest dedication for quality and improvement of services to the customers.

After introducing a short history of the 'journey' of the Company since its start with small shops selling†culinary herbs the passion became greater after the recommendations of some foreign entrepreneurs to increase their blend. "A hard work, but very beautiful, they used to tell me," said Mr. Neranxi, who made the unknown revelation that according to the Venetian archives the predecessors of the Neranxi family had worked in the field of herbs since 1400.

And now with the passing of years the Neranxi Co. has consolidated the sectors of the raw materials for the food industry, restaurants, bars, bakeries, catering, fast food, hotelerie, packing paper, lines of Asian, Mexican cuisine etc. The company has its own printing house for its needs and every sector is expanded according to the local needs but also to those of developed countries.

The owner of Neranxi Co. did not hide the worry that it was not easy to 'go ahead rapidly,' with the aim of improvement to make what he said-†'do beautiful things with your sweat, ideas and visions'.

"You should be a sort of an adventure with a courage of a crazy person," Mr. Neranxi confessed sharing his sadness with the invitees that "here you should either be a client of the power, which gives you favors and you share with it the money, or, otherwise, your journey would be a real hell."

But he hastened to speak out that he had not accepted to sell his freedom for some more money.

"I love this work and I do not want to share it with any governor who, for the sake of truth, have no idea what sort of work is this because they only know to sell drugs, and now they have learned the PPP," he said winning the applause of the participants for his courage, especially when the incident with the state police occurred last year at the similar event which detained him at the climax of the event in the presence of foreign ambassadors accredited in Tirana.

"Neranxi was the entrepreneur who as head of a commercial association had protested against the high taxes, who had filed a lawsuit against the Law on super fines to the Constitutional Court and had won, so a good lesson should be taught to him," Neranxi recalled considering that a shameful incident, but the bad memory seemed obviously in his face and emotional pitch of voice.

The President considered as 'real heroes' those who work at Neranxi Co. as well as the Neranxi Culinary Institute. "They are real heroes because they have to witness such shameful irresponsibility," he said being proud that they and he had succeeded to survive and continue the work being stronger and more successful.

In addition he said that everybody has the opportunity to see in Neranxi Co and other companies sharing the same philosophy how beautiful is to work honestly without needing to plant cannabis or kneel down in front of governors for the sake of erecting skyscrapers.

Before inviting the participants to the Fair, Mr. Neranxi told them humbly that they had organized a magnificent fair on this jubilee being surrounded by friends and well wishers. "Over all we are optimistic that the morrow†will be better for all," said Mr. Neranxi, a former lawmaker in the Albanian Parliament, but who is also very active in the political and social life in protection of civil rights of people and businesses.

Cutting the ribbon of the Fair he invited all to feel and 'see' and taste what the Neranxi Co. and its Culinary Institute had displayed in a magnificent and elegant way. Albanian Chefs, including foreign ones from different countries, together with their students, in a mosaic grand hall cooked everything live for anyone.

It was exceptional to taste special foods from all the continents of the world despite the fact that when the 'doors' of the Fair were opened at 11 o'clock; it was almost morning. A crowded hall was like a 'honey bees house' with everyone trying to taste everything. All world's best food under a roof!

Some diplomats I had the chance to meet told me that they were happy to bring Chefs from their countries finding the high professionalism of Albanians graduated or studying at the Neranxi Culinary Institute besides the hospitality.

One of the chefs, although very busy, found a minute to tell me that he could not imagine to share such an experience in Albania because, according to him, the information on this Balkan country, particularly on its cuisine, was scarce.

"I am enjoying every bit of this show with friendly people not hesitating to say good words... And that is important for us, who consider cooking like art," the Asian Chef said. Surrounded by customers and students a Russian Chef did not neglect me saying that what was seeing at that moment was one of his unforgettable experiences.

"Korrieri i Shendetit" (The Courrier of Health) was one of the many magazines and booklets at a stall in front of the entrance of the Fair hall. I am mentioning this at the end of this article which impressed me because of the fact that Neranxi Co. is not only a profiting business enterprise but also a 'healthy media' aid to its customers let them be babies, children, women, pregnant ones, men and not to forget the elderly ones.

And Mr. Neranxi, for the sake of the truth, the 'conductor' of that Concert, was very attentive to pay special attention to old people in the midst of that huge crowd, advising his excellent numerous staff to take them to the two restaurants to enjoy the delicious foods not standing but very comfortably at tables tasting also drinks they wanted, some of which they had never tasted before.

"Everyone should strongly invest to leave behind a good name after him," Mr. Neranxi told me when I asked him about his untiring effort to make everybody happy. And it was as such - a gorgeous parade putting in one hall in Tirana food specialities from all over the world - the Culinary Festival of the Neranxi Co. and its Culinary Institute from April 29- 30 April, 2017.†

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