Naples - Hysaj 'Love Story' Goes On
Albanian Daily News
Published April 29, 2017

Elseid Hysaj is experiencing a 2nd fantastic season with Naples, while the rumors for his possible departure due to the numerous bids by European clubs become more insistent. 

The valuable contribution given by the Shkodra origin is expected without any shadow of doubt to lead to a number of bids for him during summer's trading. Meantime the player's future remains still uncertain.

His manager, Marioi Giuffredi unveiled a detail from his relation with the Naples player. According to him Hysaj is in love with this city and sees the Naples citizens as his co-patriots, this is willing to remain in this club.

"He is enamored with this city, feels very well here, thus would never want to leave. He is quite comfortable in Naples, totally integrated, even due to the fact that this city's people are quite similar to the Albanians. He is having a good time here," said Giuffreda during an interview given to 'Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli".

Elseid Hysaj contract with Naples ends on June 2021. Anyway, he may leave earlier if the other club pays a fine of EUR 50 Million to Naples.

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