Mavraj: Playing for Germany, My Oldest Dream
Albanian Daily News
Published April 13, 2017

The absent huddling with the German National Team seems to be a pawn in Mergim Mavraj sportive career, on view of the fact that he had previously been part of the German U-19 and U-21 National Teams in 2007 and 2009. 

Ten years later he unveils this dream during a dialogue with Hamburg fans in their Fan-Club. 

They asked the Albanian defender, one of the candidates for the position of the National Team captain in the upcoming match against Israel, why he did not became part of the German National Team on view of the fact that he was born in Hanau. His response leaves room for interpretation.

"I was very bad for the Germans," said Mavraj while laughing. He recalled the period of time when he played for U-19 and U-21 National Teams along players like Neuer of Boateng. 

"It would have been a dream to play for Germany, but this dream failed to become true," said Mavraj. Of course, these are not the words that the Albanian fans would want to hear from a player that is seen as the future team-leader of National Team. 

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