The Dutch Trade Mission in the Textile Sector of Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published April 7, 2017

representatives of Dutch textile and fashion companies visited Tirana and other
cities of Albania to explore partnership opportunities in textile and fashion. 

This was the first trade mission from the Netherlands to Albania. The Dutch
representatives visited 23 companies and factories. The mission focussed on
corporate social responsibility, looking at the work processes, technology used
and labour standards that the Albanian textile sector offers.

The geographical distance between the two countries enables fast production and
delivery, making the Albanian market potentially attractive for Dutch
investors. Furthermore, the advanced technology, high quality but low-priced
labour costs are considered advantages of the Albanian market.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dewi van de Weerd, and
representatives of AIDA welcomed the mission and highlighted the comparative
advantages that can benefit both countries. She said: " Corporate Social
Responsibility is a business case in Albania. Applying these standards has
great potential for Made in Albania brands".

The mission was followed by workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility
concepts and branding of "Made in Albania", including online branding. Textile
students of the Polytechnic University worked together with fashion students of
the University of Arts. They developed four start-up ideas together.

This initiative was financed by the Dutch government through the Netherlands
Enterprise Agency and implemented by CSR Netherlands in close cooperation with
AIDA - Albanian Investment Development Agency.

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