Track of Statehood - Macedonian Flag on Peple's Bikes
Albanian Daily News
Published March 12, 2017

Today, the civic initiative animates in a different way people all over Macedonia to go out in the streets and show their attachment to their country, but also to the healthy way of living.

Yesterday, as well as last week, there was a musical happening, and today there was an organised hanging out with bikes. Around 12 o'clock, parents with children, young people, gathered, on their bikes. Dressed in warm jackets, with hats, because of the cold weather, they rode the route from the fountain in the City Park to the Parliament building.

Many of them had the Macedonian flag hanging on their bikes, and the red and yellow predominated in the column.

Nobody rushed to the finish line, what mattered was the hanging out, as well as the message they wanted to leave - Macedonia is first, and nobody is allowed to play with the national interests.

Organizers repeated their demands for Zoran Zaev - to completely reject the Tirana platform.

-During last week, about hundred thousand people went out massively in the streets to support our initiative For Joint Macedonia, and we are very thankful to them. It is a great trust in the thing we fight for, the thing we represent, but also an obligation to go on even stronger in the period that comes, more energetically, more decisively towards accomplishing our goals. We address the political parties, certain political elites who accepted the Tirana platform to not try to bring it back at the backdoor, i.e. to manipulate the people to reach their goal, Bogdan Ilievski from the civic initiative said.

He emphasized "we here are the people of Republic of Macedonia, and we have the right to decide what kind of country we are going to have".

-The insults they offer us make us even more decisive, their fictional lies even stronger to endure until the final realisation of our demands. Giving up on the Tirana platform and its content, and forming new Macedonian platform here in Skopje. No to a program of a government that did not get support at the parliamentary elections, and no to a bilingual country, no to a binationalcountry, but yes to a multiethnic Macedonia.

From tomorrow, Monday, we continue with the regular activities, second weekend in a row we have a more free program, we implement elements of recreation, I hope the weather will be better in the future, next week we will be even more numerous and even better organized, but we are too satisfied how things have developed by now, and from tomorrow we continue more motivated and more energetic, Ilievski said.


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