Administrative Court, 56 Salaries Indemnification for Ardian Fullani
Albanian Daily News
Published March 9, 2017

Former-Governor of the Albania’s National Bank (ANB), Ardian Fullani will be given a sum equivalent to 56 salaries as indemnification for his dismissal. This verdict was issued by the Second Instance Administrative Court following a request submitted by the former governor demanding the abrogation of the decision to dismiss him from this post. Meanwhile the court overruled Fullani’s request to be reinstated in this position.

The Administrative Court initially approved a sum equivalent to one-year salaries as indemnification for Fullani, but the last appealed this verdict. He demanded to be indemnified for the denied salaries and the moral damage. ANB legal representatives demanded the former-governor claim rejection, arguing that the request presentation exceeded the legal boundaries. 

Referring to former-governor Fullani’s request for moral indemnification the ANB lawyer declared that his dismissal from this position was totally in accordance with the procedures, due to the legal violations registered while in office and was not based on the suspicious involvement the ANB robbery scandal. 

“Former-governor Fullani dismissal was related to the remand in prison security measure issued by the court. Otherwise he would not had been discharged and would still be the ANB governor,” declared that bank’s legal representative.


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