DUI Raised Zaev from the Dead, BESA Will Get All Its Bastions
Albanian Daily News
Published February 27, 2017

Ilir Kulla
comments on the decision of DUI to support Zoran Zaev as the PM of Macedonia

Zoran Zaev was politically dead on that day at the beginning of December when
the ballot boxes were opened and news broke that he had lost the elections.
Macedonian Social Democratic Union (LSDM) is a historically great political
force in Macedonia but it has not won since 2002, because it has been captured
by some people of SOROS. Not only did Zaev lose, but he lost even in his city
where he was a commune chairman. Had Zaev not become the PM, he would be
politically dead and he would have been kicked out of his party. Paradoxically,
Zaev will become PM despite losing elections, and he will do this with the
votes of the person who destroyed these elections, Ali Ahmeti of Democratic
Union for Integration (DUI).

Zaev discussed the private life of the most talented Albanian politician in
Macedonia, destroying her politically and hurting her personally, only so he
could destroy the trustworthiness of DUI and people of Ali Ahmeti, attacking
their MORALITY. For Zaev to moralize is the same as someone trying to seek morality
in a bordello. Zoran Zaev showed that he does not recognize manliness or
nobleness if this advances his career. He put the traditional Albanian white
cap on his head just to get some votes from dissatisfied Albanians. He would
also undergo circumcision if he needed to get the votes of the Muslim voters of
BESA. He commits to supporting the civil rights of Albanians at a time when
Albanians need support for their ethnic rights. The DUI has made exactly such a
man as the PM of Macedonia, in exchange for three commune chairmen, sacrificing
20 years of history and sacrifices since the events of 1997 in Gostivar, when
the Party of Zaev was in power. The DUI was sacrificed just for the career of

The DUI could have done those it says that it will achieve with Zaev, even with
Gruevski, removing the latter's strong card of nationalism from his hand. From
now on, the inheritance that DUI will leave to Albanians is Gruevski as a
political superpower in the region and an Albanian religious party, BESA, together
with the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), which will get all the bastions
of DUI. Ali Ahmeti will get this historical record with him wherever he goes
and he will regret it when BESA wins and DUI becomes like the party of
Abdurrahman Haliti.

The DUI did not lose. It won. But again, it behaved like a loser of elections.
In politics, this is terrible. The DUI chose not to choose, either between the
VMRO or LSDM, but to keep the position of someone who got beaten and is not
even allowed to cry. The DUI did not lose 100,000 votes because of the VMRO,
but because of the thieves and deceivers who surround Ali Ahmeti, those who
destroyed his life full of sacrifices. Ali Ahmeti is the only poor party
chairman surrounded by super-rich people in that party. Those are the ones who
lost these elections, not Ali Ahmeti. At present, the position of DUI is
ridiculous: it is making Zaev as PM and it does not even have the courage to
become part of the government because consciousness does not allow Ahmeti.

One of the vice-chairmen of this party used to say that he esteemed Mother
Party and Father Ali, but now that an opportunity has arisen, he is forgetting
about Mother and Father, and looking after his own personal interests. What
could DUI do? It could go to the end of efforts for the famous platform by
staying totally in the government, or it could put a condition that if someone
wants a government with DUI, then they should agree to have an Albanian PM, or
it could stay faithful to the political agreements it has made in the past and
preserve the stability of Macedonia. From now on, DUI will continue to hold
meetings in the center of Skopje at the Marriot, but Albanians will have to go
to resolve their problems in the office of Zoran Zaev, not in the office of

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