Private HPPs Boost Their Share in Albania's Total Power Production
Albanian Daily News
Published February 24, 2017

2016 resulted a good year for
energy production not only for the Albanian Power Corporation( KESH), the main
power generator in the country through the Drin cascade, but also for big
investors operating through concession platforms.

Last year witnessed the first production
of the Banja Hydropower Plant on the Devoll River operated by the Norwegian
company Statkraft.

In September, this new power resource
produced 2066 megawatts/hour of energy while at the end of December the
several-month balance was closed with over 69 thousand megawatts/hour.

Positive data were also reported by
other producers operating in the Albanian market and this is evident if we draw
a comparison between 2015 and 2016.

The hydropower plant of Peshqesh in
Miridinë, an investment of the company Ayen Enerji, produced at the end of last
year 107 thousand megawatts/hour, while at the end of 2015 there were only 28
thousand megawatts/hour produced.

This high figure has resulted due to the
fact that this hydropower plant began to function in April, while the hydro
situation was not at the same parameters of 2016.

Ashta hydropower plant has significantly
increased its production in 2016. It reported a level of over 276 thousand
megawatts/hour of power transmitted, while in 2015 the production was 235
thousand megawatts/hour.

The other four plants, purchased by
Kurum - Ulez-Shkopet, and Bistrica 1 and Bistrica 2 - produced 427 thousand
megawatts/hour in 2016, whereas in 2015 their total production was 352 thousand

The recent data show that large
investments made in hydropower plants through concessions are increasing their
share in the total power production in Albania, while coming back to a positive
hydropower situation is a positive signal for the country.

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