Trade Exchanges with China and Greece Upward
Albanian Daily News
Published February 20, 2017

During January this year, the
Albanian exports to China have almost increased twofold compared to January,
2016. According to the statistics published the previous day by Statistics
Institute (INSTAT), during January 2017 exports amounted to Lek 601 mln, while
in January 2016 the exports were estimated at Lek 363 mln.

Meanwhile, imports are estimated at Lek
3.361 mln recording a slight decrease in comparison to January 2016 which saw a
value of Lek 3.421 mln in imports.

According to records from Statistics
Institute, exchanges with China make up 7.1 % of the trade volume. INSTAT also
reports that back in 2016 imports from China have increased 8.8 % versus 2015.

In 2016 imports amounted to Lek 50.652
mln compared to Lek 46.567 mln in 2015. As to exports, they are estimated at Lek
7.452 mln in 2016 versus 6.570 the previous year.

If referring to the structure of
commodities from China, they include machinery, equipment, spare parts,
construction materials, metals, as well as textiles and footwear. While exports
include minerals.

Meanwhile, Albania's trade exchanges
with Greece in January 2017 constituted 6.2 % of the total of trade volume. According
to official records from Statistics Institute, INSTAT, in January the exports
increased by 4.7 %, whereas imports by 15.3 %.

Referring to the records, imports of
commodities from Greece to Albania over January 2017 amounted to nearly Lek
2.591 mln, almost on a par with January 2016 which saw Lek 2.597 mln in imports.

In the structure of goods imported from
the neighboring country, the group "food, drinks and tobacco" comes first
estimated at Lek 789 mln, to be followed by the group "minerals, fuel,
electricity" at Lek 453 mln and "construction materials and metals." Import of
this category amounted at this period to Lek 398 mln.

Meanwhile, the exports to Greece over
this period of time marked a slight increase. Referring to the data, Albanian
exports during January are estimated at Lek 735 mln. In January 2016, exports
were estimated at Lek 675 mln.

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