If I Were Ali Ahmeti...
By Berat Buzhala
Albanian Daily News
Published January 14, 2017

To speak
about Macedonia, or better say to find a proper political solution for this
republic, it's like trying to find the right wire to defuse a bomb, in the
middle of many wires. As it is implied, cutting the wrong wire causes a big
explosion. In other words, Macedonia has been and will remain a time bomb, and
being such a delicate matter, the first to leave the decision-making table
should be those who have passions. 

Those who
speak of a "revengeful" justice: Few weeks now from election day, what can be
noticed is a tendency to disrespect the Macedonian and Albanian voters who cast
their vote for VMRO and Ali Ahmeti's DUI. Clearly, a coup tentative is under
way against the most voted Macedonian party, VMRO and its head Gruevski. 

This is
happening by frightening Ali Ahmeti and transporting him like a puppet, from a
table in Tirana, to another one in Pristina. I cannot know what Edi Rama told
him, or Hashim Thaci. But what I know is that both of them summoned him not to
find any interesting political solution, but for their own interests. So why
shouldn't I offer my own opinion about the Macedonian crisis and the Albanian

VMRO has
convincingly won the Macedonian vote, as Ahmeti has done amongst the Albanians.
If one plus one makes two, then those two parties should govern together for
yet another mandate. But while it's fine by VMRO to proceed this way, we cannot
say the same for DUI. Because its votes are shrinking, because of virtual calls
from internet and some other reasons, DUI is obviously reluctant and in search
of some other formulae. Ali Ahmeti is conducting this search all around
Albanian states, believing that whatever he finds, that would save his
political life. But in fact, what he finds shall destroy him completely. 

He is being
repeatedly asked to join the other Macedonian party, only because of the
presence of two or three Albanians; the one, a mediocre journalist, the second
a distinguished activist... I almost forgot the mom of an Albanian singer. But
the essence remains the same: Whatever Ahmeti decides, for sure he will be
demonized. The only difference lies in the fact that he wants to be demonized
and still be a weak leader, or a strong decision-maker.  

If Ahmeti
gives up in front of LSDM and the popular pressure, then his party's ruin is a
certain thing. It's only a matter of time. His votes have already been reduced.
And in the next elections even more Albanian votes will find their way towards

That Ali
Ahmeti is almost surrendering to those who took his electorate, it's not the
only mistake. Any tactical coalition between Albanian parties and LSDM would
take the country to uncharted territories.

Of course
the author of this article has expressed a great deal of support to LSDM and
its leader Zaev, or Edmond Ademi. But the political reality goes beyond
sympathies. Albeit all the efforts and schemes, this party didn't make it to
surpass its historical rival, even with the help of thousands of Albanian
votes. Thus, this project should end here.  Elections will come again. Trying to put down
Gruevski by all means, would only strengthen him.

Let's return
to the question I posed earlier: What would I do if I were Ali Ahmeti? I would
formulate a draft-agreement with all the Albanian preconditions and hand it
over to Gruevski firstly, as the winner of these elections. The first, even
though symbolic precondition would be to appoint an Albanian at the head of one
of three main institutional posts, in this case, the Speaker of Parliament
(since the president and PM are already taken). 

Secondly, I
would ask a clear investment schedule at different Macedonian regions, favoring
those underdeveloped, that usually are Albanian regions. If Macedonia has
experienced a good economic development under Gruevski, Albanians have not
profited from it.

Lets' not
forget that Gruevski's (and Ahmeti's) Macedonia voted in favor of independent
Kosovo despite the great Serbian pressure. I don't know who is more
anti-Albanian, VMRO or LSDM, but I know for sure that these 10 years Macedonia
is proven as an Albanian ally. I could not tell if this was Ahmeti's merit and
Gruevski's approval, but I want to add another detail: Every time I cross Hani
i Elezit border crossing, the policemen of Macedonian side speak Albanian to
me. And this didn't happen before. I also know that 30 thousand Albanians work
at the public administration of this state.

this agreement with VMRO should not be seen as a deal with no expiration date.
It could be broken any time for many reasons, but till that day it shouldn't be
judged. Because two winning parties chose to govern together, and that's

else is pure propaganda and vain morality. Of course this is a heavy burden for
Ai Ahmeti, but he should not be afraid to carry it. 

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