Snow in Tirana, 1200 City Halls Employees Clean the Roads
Albanian Daily News
Published January 12, 2017

The Albanian capital, Tirana, woke up on Thursday morning covered by a thick layer of snow that hampered vehicles circulation due to the presence of ice on the streets. Some 1200 City Hall employees worked during night hours cleaning the roads and pouring salt on the asphalt to avoid vehicles sliding. Their work resulted a blessing for the citizens that were able to walk on the street without facing the risk of injuries due to the fall on ice.

Meantime Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj addressed a message to the citizens advising them to be careful while moving on foot or with their vehicles.

“Tirana City Hall employees worked all night clearing the snow from the streets and pouring salt to avoid the ice on the asphalt. I want to advise every Tirana citizen to be careful while walking on foot or even while driving his car,” said Veliaj.

Tirana City Hall informed the citizens that every street is passable by pedestrians and vehicles despite the presence of snow and ice layers.

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