Civil Emergencies: National Axes, Use of Chains Recommended
Albanian Daily News
Published January 12, 2017

Massive snowfalls and temperatures below zero hampered vehicles circulation in a number of road axes. The structures involved in the roads maintenance continued the work for the snow clearing enabling vehicles circulation in the national axes, mostly without the need of snow chains. The Civil Emergencies latest bulletin issued on Thursday informed that situation in the main national axes is as below:

All national axes crossing Kukesi district are passable, while the use of chains is recommended only in some segments. Nation’s Road is passable without snow chains but maximal care is needed in some segments due to the presence of ice. Four snow clearing vehicles are operating on a 24-hours basis to guarantee the vehicles safe passage in this road which connects Albania with Kosovo.

Kukes-Has-Tropoje and Tropoje-Qafe Morine, Bajram Curri-Valbone and Fushe Dukagjin – Qafe Shllak are passable partially with snow chains. An Armed Forces (AF) helicopter is expected to bring aid to the isolated areas of Tropoja city hall.

Meanwhile the use of snow chains is recommended in every road axis of Korça district due to the ice presence on the asphalt. Contractors are pouring large quantities of salt to avoid the loss of human lives due to vehicles sliding on ice. 

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