Icy-Roads Hamper Vehicles Circulation in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published January 12, 2017

Snowfalls generated difficulties for vehicles circulation on this Thursday morning in Tirana. The presence of ice on the streets forced many drivers to proceed with maximal caution at very low speed, while in many cases vehicles slid due to the frozen asphalt. Some 30 car crashes were registered in Tirana since last night until morning hours due to the massive presence of ice on the streets. Luckily no injured people were reported due to these minor accidents which caused only material damages. 

On the other side the much expected snowfalls became a motive of joy for the Tirana citizens that celebrated ‘till late evening hours hitting each other with snowballs. 

Meanwhile Tirana City Hall snow-cleaning vehicles were deployed in the main axes while large quantities of salt were poured on the asphalt trying to avoid the ice layer. 

The presence of ice on the streets continues to remain a problematic issue even this morning. Tirana - Rinas, Tirana - Dajt, and Tirana - Durres highway are passable only with snow chains.

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