Heavy Snowfalls in Southeast Albania, Four Dead in One Day
Albanian Daily News
Published January 12, 2017

Cold and blizzards have swept the southeast Albania
making driving treacherous on certain road segments. According to official
sources from Korça police, all road axes are passable by snow chains, except
for the axis Ersekė - Leskovik, which has been blocked by deep snow.

Axes: Korçė -Voskopojė - Dardhė; Korçė - Qafa e Qarrit ,
Korçė- Goricė; Pogradec - Qafė Plloçė, Pogradec- Qafė Thanė;
Korçė-Devoll-Kapshticė; Ersekė-Qafė Qarri; are passable by chain.

Meanwhile the snow clearing vehicles are throwing grit and
cleaning the roads. Road police are keeping a close watch on the traffic
instructing the drivers how to avoid potential dangers on the slippery

Meantime, a 12-year- old boy has died at Kashari Lake in
Tirana. The lake, where the boy and his friends were playing, was frozen due to
the cold weather, but the ice on the surface was broken and the boy fell
inside, where he drowned. The boy's 15- year- old sister, who was playing with
her brother, risked her life as well but she was saved.

The diving team went to the lake to search for the 12- year-
old boy's body, which has now been recovered.

In Fier, a 40- year- old man died at the water reservoir
which is frozen. As he tried to walk on the frozen reservoir, the ice broke
apart, resulting in his death.

Meanwhile, a man from Pogradec has died from the cold.
Sources from Pogradec police say that the man is believed to have died from
hypothermia due to the low weather temperatures. Another victim was registered
in Durres, where a woman was found dead in her apartment. She has been
identified as Shpresa Muca, 68 years old, while neighbors say she lived alone
and suffered from a chronic disease.

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