New Boulevard, Rama: Citizens’ Vote Determinant Element
Albanian Daily News
Published January 11, 2017

The first tile of Tirana’s new boulevard was placed on Wednesday in presence of Prime Minister, Edi Rama and Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj. This process marked the beginning of the final phase for this project completion. In his greeting speech the chief of executive laid the stress on the fact that people’s vote was a determinant element that cleared the path to this important project. 

“We often hear sayings that diminish vote’s importance, this is a mistake often made by the people who think that their choice to vote or abstain does not influence the outcome. This project is a clear indicator of the fact that this is a wrongful concept. If the citizens would had voted in the right direction the new boulevard would had been constructed long time ago. Thanks to the citizens’ vote Tirana is experiencing a rapid change, orchestrated by the new leadership of the City Hall,” said PM Rama.

Meantime Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj defined this project the new pole of modern Tirana of 2030. This area will be dedicated to the ministries, embassies and other institutions premises. According to Veliaj even Tirana City Hall will be reallocated in this area. 

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