Mother Teresa’s Mosaic Soon Part of Guinness Records Book
Albanian Daily News
Published January 11, 2017

The unique mosaic that shows Saint Teresa image, realized by the Albanian artist, Sajmir Strati in this great woman beatification day by the Pope Francis, will soon become part of the Guinness Book of Records. Its certification is expected to be concluded within January. The record-holder artist has already submitted the necessary paper-works to the book of records authorities. His name will be included for the tenth time in Guinness Book of Records.

This mosaic, realized with 1.5 million metallic clips, has been already included in this book’ new categories while Strati believe that his name will be once again in the records line within January.

This extraordinary creation was realized within only 28 days as a dedication and expression of gratitude for Saint Teresa’s humanitarian work. This mosaic will become part of the Kosovo Museum fund of heritage, while there may be a suggestion for its inclusion in country’s national heritage fund, guarantying its protection by the state. 

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