Price of Energy for Businesses Might Grow by Up to 35%
Albanian Daily News
Published January 7, 2017

Energy Regulatory Entity has approved new tariffs for businesses’ access to the distribution network. Besides the price of electricity, businesses that are supplied by 35 kilovolt network will pay even Lek 1.5 per kilovolt to OSHEE as a fee for the use of network while businesses supplied by 20 kilovolt network will pay the price Lek 11 kilowatts of energy and Lek 3.9 as fee to OSHEE for use of network, local media said Friday.

With this decision and new fee, 6,200 businesses that are supplied by 20 kilovolt network will pay up to 35% more for the energy and 82 businesses that are supplied by 35 kilovolt network will pay 15% more.

These fees will take effect during the year and the first to be penalized by energy prices growth are businesses supplied by 35 kilovolt network. Sources from OSHEE said that nearly all the technical infrastructure of the measurement system to put these businesses into the open market will be ready by February. So, next month, the businesses of this group will start to pay a fee 11 leks per kilowatt hour from 9.5 lek/kWh they are paying currently, of which Lek 9.5 is fee for the price of electricity and Lek 1.5 is the fee for use of the network given to OSHEE.

However, OSHEE experts hope that businesses will be able to find suppliers with cheaper prices, which can amortize the new tariff for the use of network. On the other hand, businesses of this category have recently declared that they have failed to find a private supplier offering reasonable energy prices.

Meanwhile 20 kilovolt network businesses are expected to pay higher rates. There are around 6,200 such entities, which are expected to enter the independent market in the second half of the year. These businesses will pay Lek 14.9 per kilowatt, of which Lek 11 as the price of energy per kilowatt hour and Lek 3.9 as the new tariff that ERE has recently approved for the use of the power grid. Currently they pay Lek 11 per kilowatt.

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