Albanians Spend 50% of Incomes on Food
Albanian Daily News
Published December 26, 2016

Albanians spend 50 percent
their incomes on food compared to European citizens, who spend only 12.3%
percent of their incomes on food. But when it comes to clothing and footwear
they spend almost the same as Europeans.

According to the trend observed in poor
countries, people spend more on food and give up vacations, traveling,
entertainments and other pleasures.

As it was mentioned above Albanians
differ a lot from the average European lifestyle, but they are strong
competitors when it comes to clothing and fashion.

According to Monitor magazine, most of
the EU countries spend about 23.8% of incomes on household, water supply and
electric power expenses, 13.1% on transportation, 12.3% on food, 9% on culture
and recreation, 8.2% for eating out and 5.1% on clothing and footwear.

On the other hand, Albanians spend about
three percent of their budget on culture and recreation, 3.6 for eating out,
although Albania's restaurants rank among the cheapest in Europe and 4.9% on
clothing. However, Albanians don't hesitate to spend on the latest collections
and fashion trends.

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