Ilir Kulla: Albanians Must Boycott Elections in Tearca, Political Assimilation Can’t Be Allowed
Albanian Daily News
Published December 23, 2016

In an interview given to ‘Zhurnal’ News Agency, the known Albanian analyst, Ilir Kulla, expert of National Security, makes a radiography of the post-electoral situation in Macedonia and calls to boycott the elections in Tearca on view of the fact that Albanians gain no benefits from this process, adding that they should focus on the negotiations and take what belongs to them.

- Mr. Kulla, the recent electoral process in Macedonia evidenced the Albanian vote’s disruption in many parties, with different political philosophies. BDI lost some MPs, ‘BESA’ gained some MPs, PDSH is slowly disintegrating. Do you see something more than a political tumult of the political scene?

- I am concerned by the catastrophic reduction of the number of Albanian MPs and their votes’ disintegration. LSDM votes with 70.000 Albanian votes which produced 2 MPs in LSDM lists and is the culmination of these votes, when there should had been at least 7 Albanian nationality MPs. Thus, we are facing an unprecedented political deception whose political dimensions are incomparable with any other country of the Balkans. It’s the same as saying to Albanians in Albania to vote Dule and UHRP if you are not satisfied by the traditional Albanian parties.

-  Gruevski and Zaev are looking for Albanian Parties MPs support to govern Macedonia, while offering very few things in exchange. Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama convened in Tirana the Albanian political factor in Macedonia for consultations. But Ali Ahmeti avoided the collective call emphasizing his leadership and independence. Which is your opinion on these movements by the Macedonian and Albanian leaders a few days after the electoral process?

- Pairs will seek alliances and this is normal. I also think that each pair will demand more for the other but 2 things should not change. First of all, they should be united and strong in the negotiation table; Second, Albanian can’t allow their political assimilation, a threat that became visible by voting a Macedonian party.

- Skopje’s Court accepted a complaint filed by the opposition’s coalition, leaded by LSDM against the State Election Commission (SEC) for the December 18 elections, considering null the voting process in Tearce, City Hall poll station, in the 6th electoral zone. This decision is contrary to that of SEC, which ruled two days ago that LSDM complaint for irregularities during voting process in the above-mentioned poll station was not based on facts. LSDM thinks that Tearca may be the key to success for country’s governance. Do you think that there will be a new institutional conflict which may destabilize Macedonia?

- Albanians should boycott the repeated elections in Tearce, I even call on them to do so. Albanians are already divided, thus no further disruption is needed. Let the Macedonian resolve the situation in Tearce, because independently from their vote Albanians will have no benefits in Tearce”.

- European Commission extended an appeal to the country’s political actors to act with amenability in order to restore people’s confidence on the institutions and democratic processes. US Embassy is conducting a series of meetings with LSDM and BDI to ease tensions and find solutions. Meanwhile Gruevski speaks over an influence of magnate Soros in the international community in Macedonia. How may we read these developments?

- The problems with Soros factor in East Europe, including Albania, are found everywhere. Gruevski is not the first one that raises this concern. I think that Albanians should govern with the one that gives more in the negotiations table and the one that is more committed toward demagogy and propaganda”.


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