Energy Efficiency Law Implementation in 2016 Monitoring Presented
Albanian Daily News
Published December 20, 2016

The results of a monitoring process on the Energy Efficiency law implementation was presented in a round-table, promoting a constructive discussion among different actors in this sector. One year after the entrance in force, much more needs to be done in observance of the obligations defined by this law, and the commitments of the Albanian institutions. 

The research work was completed with the support of "Open Society for Albania" Foundation (SOROS), in the framework of the project "I-M-P-act - Civil Coalition for influence, monitoring and promotion of the Albania's European integration process". The Academy of Political Studies provided the professional expertise and the necessary experience to ensure the involvement of all important actors in this activity. 

The Academy of Political Studies director, Mr. Erjon Tase underlined the importance of institutional cooperation and the civil society commitment in the creation of an adequate ground for the implementation of ambitious but necessary reforms for country's economic development and European integration.

Meantime, Mr. Gjergj Simaku, Director for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency ion the Ministry of Energy and Industry, appraised this research work and this activity. Mr. Simaku also introduced the participants with the novelties generated by the establishment of the Energy Efficiency Agency, approved only a few days ago by the Council of Ministers, and the motives that delayed the creation of the National Fund of Energy Efficiency.

This event was attended by representatives of other institutions of this line, civil organizations representatives, donors and media representatives. Participants' discussions focused on these main points of the research work recommendations:

- Human resources as an obstacle in meeting the deadlines defined by the law;

- Solid decision-making to advance the agenda of Energy Efficiency;

-The absent financial support for the achievement of the defined objectives;

-Donors, groups of interest and civil society commitment to overcome the current obstacles.

During last five years the Academy of Political Studies has organized a number of advocating activities with members of the parliament, local government authorities, and other actors to advance the agenda of energy efficiency and create the adequate ground for the implementation of the Albania's commitments in the framework of the European integration.

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