Flooded Businesses, Require Euro 10 Mln Indemnification
Albanian Daily News
Published December 12, 2016

Nearly one month after the Tirana-Durres highway inundation due to the massive rainfalls some 30 businesses operating in this area submit a written request to the State's senior officials demanding a conspicuous indemnification. These businesses, whose activity was infringed due to the floods on November 8 morning raise the concern over the lack of seriousness shown by Tirana and Vora city halls in the damages evaluation process. 

On view of this fact they have decided to establish the Tirana-Vora Business Union placing a number of conditions. They demand a total sum of Euro 10 million as indemnification for the damages caused by floods. 

"Our businesses situation is highly critical thus a serious reaction by the senior state's officials is needed. Under these conditions any delay may lead to businesses shut-down forcing a large number of employees to lose their job-places," declare the Tirana-Vora Business Union. 

The list of requests submitted to the executive is shown below. 

1.Urgent measures for the recovery of the businesses infrastructure. 

2.Financial damage identification and formalization, including the missing profits

3.Floods motive immediate clarification 

4.Restrictive measures for the lack of seriousness shown by the state's officials.

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