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Police Forcibly End Students’ Hunger Strike

Opposition Condemns Violence against Students On Friday night, the students who passed on to the public university after the closure of some private universities and oppose...


Sejko Pledges to Change Central Bank’s Image

He was elected governor of Central Bank unanimously; a rare case in our country where Prime Minister and President agreed on the same candidate, while he was also strongly...


Kidnapped Girl in Tirana Released by Police

TIRANA - A 27-year-old girl was kidnapped in Tirana by a person identified by police due to the plates of a car abandoned in Vora. The criminal event took place in the area known as...


Opinion: Time of Truth: Rama vs Doshi

The question that everybody is asking is: “Is the Pandora Box open or it was an effort to open it in SP?” In any case the Prime Minister will speak in Monday’s SP parliamentary...