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Balkans Seeks EU’s Financial Support for Projects

Region’s Prime Ministers Determined to Create Joint Market The regional countries that attended the forum asked the EU to stop holding seminars and forums and to start...


Justice Minister Wants Removal of President’s Competences on HCJ

“This might be the place to reassess the participation in this structure of the President of the Republic as head of HCJ and to pass these competences to the President of the High...


Mayor of Fier Acquitted on Charges of Abuse of Office

TIRANA – The Mayor of Fier, Baftjar Zeqaj has been acquitted on the charges if abuse of office. Zeqaj and seven members of the commission of assessment and delivery of social...


Parliament Engulfed by Strong Debates on Free Economic Zones Draft Law

Opposition Accuses Govt of Stepping Back Investors Due to High Taxes “Investors came to Albania when the taxes were at the level of 10%. Now you increased them to 15% and this...